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Dec 6, 2010

{Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas}

When giving gifts, I’ve always tried to make the wrappings look fabulous! I think the way a gift is presented can be just as important, or more important than the gift itself.

When money is tight (and really, when isn’t it?) gifts become less about the amount spent, and more about the thought that went into the gift.

Simple, handmade gifts are wonderful. But, if you are feeling that perhaps your gift isn’t quite as spectacular as you had hoped it would be, you can fake it!

A well-wrapped gift not only looks great, but I think it makes the receiver happy and thankful, knowing you spent extra time to make their gift shine!

Here are some of my ideas for quick, fabulous looking gifts.
Looks that can be achieved in less than 10 minutes.

First step: Wrap your gifts

Second step: Gather your ribbons, notions + sparkly bits

Third step: Get creative!

Fourth step: Step back and admire your awesome holiday gift wrapped creations!

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alicia said...

love it annie!

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