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Dec 20, 2010

{Handmade English Crackers}

Nope, not edible crackers...
Christmas crackerscandy and goodie-filled tubes that *CRACK* when the ends are pulled!

Granted, these simple homemade versions wont exactly *POP* when opened, but they sure are cute and fun to make.

Did I mention easy-peasy?  Really... in the time it takes to look over the following tutorial, you could have made some already!

Start by gathering your goods:

Helpful tip:  Use double-sided tape instead of a glue stick.  So much faster!

I'm making these three crackers for my nephew who has the cutest obsession with cars.
You can fill yours with anything that's small enough to fit into a toilet-paper or paper-towel roll.

Start with one sheet of tissue paper.

Fold it in half.
Tape the empty tube to the paper.
Place glue or tape in a few places around the tube and roll it up.

Now tie off one end of the wrapped tube.

Now that one end has been tied off, it's time to add the goodies inside!


Once the treats are safe inside the tube, tie off the other end.
Snip the remaining tissue paper ends and fluff them up.


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1 comment:

Madigan at madiganmade said...

I love the colors, you could make them for any season. What a cute little gift!

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