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Dec 9, 2010

{5-Minute/5-Dollar Christmas Centerpiece}

Do you have 5 dollars? Do you have 5 minutes? 
Combine the two and you can have a snazzy Christmas centerpiece!

You'll need:
3 sizes bulb ornaments
1 plate
1 glass candlestick holder
floral berries or other pretties
Gorilla Glue or other all-purpose adhesive
wire clippers

I picked up everything you see here from Dollar Tree, except for the biggest bulbs...they came from the Dollar Spot at Target. I love these new plastic bulbs that I've seen popping up everywhere...they really look like glass but they are much less expensive and much safer...especially if you have little ones!

Glue the candlestick holder onto the center of the bottom of the plate. I used Gorilla Glue. 

Arrange the bulbs on the plate any way you want them. I started with the largest on bottom and then balanced them upward from there. I love the mix of shiny/matte/glittery.

Next, I clipped the berries apart and stuck them in around the bulbs. 

Guess what? That's it. You're done. That might have even been less than 5 minutes! I only used about half of the bulbs, so I'll save them for another project. 

Go ahead and make yourself a new display for your next holiday gathering. You will wow your guests with elegance and style...and you'll be the only one who knows it came from the dollar store. 


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The only and only Lady: said...

I love it...such a GREAT idea! Love the Target $1.00 isle...I got some of those bulbs and hung them from my tree out front!!

Dacia said...

Love your arrangement.

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