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Dec 19, 2010

{Crochet Chain Garland}

I made this crochet chain using the only crochet stitch I know -- the double crochet.
It's fast and simple and looks great!

If you need a refresher course on crocheting, or want to start for the first time, there are tons of awesome video tutorials on YouTube. Just search for "How To Crochet For Beginners" or something of the sort. (I'm still trying to master the flowers... sadly, it's not happening. Straight lines for me, thank you!)


Step 1:  Crochet a bunch of strips the same length and width
(I made mine by chaining 20, double-crochet back once, then double-crochet back again, so 3 crochet lines total)

Step 2:  Once all of your strips are completed, start sewing them together, one by one.
Thread each un-sewn strip through a completed sewn circle.

Step 3:  Continue sewing all of your strips together until your garland is at your desired length

Then hang it in a place in your house that makes you happy!



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Dixie Mom said...

That is a super cute idea....wish I woulda seen that a week ago!

Stephanie said...

That's a really cute idea .. and I love the pictures on your mantle! Too Cute!

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