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Dec 13, 2010

{Antiqued Sewing Desk}


I found this sewing desk on craigslist for $25. 
With my niece helping me, we painted it an antique white color, sanded the edges, and glazed it with this amazing stuff:

General Finishes Furniture Glazes

Here it is all finished!


I love making stuff look old and roughed up.
I really love how we didn't glaze inside the ridges on the drawers so you can really see the design pop out.

I also found this chair at Goodwill for $6 and used the same painting/glazing technique as the desk, then recovered it with new fabric that makes me happy. I doubled up on the foam so that my tush can be a little more comfortable during long sewing sessions. 


I love my new desk and chair.
Now I just need a sewing room to put it in instead of the corner of my bedroom.
A girl can dream, right?


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1 comment:

danandcami said...

Well done Tammy! I love it!

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