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Mar 7, 2011

{Chalkboard Sticker Frame}

A few weeks ago I won a CSN giftcard giveaway from {DavesWife} at The Diary Of Daves Wife (thanks Kristy!) and while scouring the website trying to decide which goodies I wanted to buy, I came across this oval chalkboard sticker frame:

Ooh yeah!  I had to have it and it was only $14.00!
I didn't read (or remember reading) the dimensions of the sticker, so when it came in a large box, I was pleasantly surprised!  Turns out it is approx 28in x 23in.

You wipe the wall spot clean, peel the sticker paper off the back and stick it.

I only wanted the actual oval frame part to go on the wall, not the surrounding square corners (because duh, that would look lame) so I cut it out:

Which means I then have.....


I've mentioned before how small our condo is, so I didn't have very many options of open wall space to put this sticker.
I decided the best place would be right inside the garage door entrance (the only entrance we use) so the Mister and I can leave totally awesome and immature important messages for eachother.

Side note:  Nice placement of the fuse box, builders.
Really?  This is the best place for it in the whole house? Really? 
That's just swell and NOT AT ALL an eyesore.

I guess I could try to paint the panel the same color as the wall.  But, that would require thinking and planning and doing, so... I just covered it with some metal flower magnets and turned it into "art". 

This is where the sticker is happily living:

And I love it!


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Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!!! I really love your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and for the nice comments ;) I am a twin, and am super duper close to my sister so I can instantly relate to your blog. Thanks again :)

Dave'sWife@{thediaryofdaveswife} said...

So CA-ute!!!!What an awesome find! And for only $14!!!!Looks like I need to go shopping ;0)

Wendy said...

I love that wall sticker, too! Where did you find it?

Emily said...

Love the chalkboard wall sticker...darling!!!
I know what you mean about the fuse box...some builders don't think about pretty at all, just function! The box & keypad for my house alram is on the most obvious wall in my dining area and it bugs me soooo bad!!!
Looks like you have made your fuse box a lot cuter and a lot less noticable by adding those darling flowers.

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