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Feb 15, 2011

{Jute-Wrapped Pot}

I have a quick and easy craft for you today.

A couple months ago I found this artificial potted plant at IKEA.
I'm not usually a fan of fake plants, but this one was different and realistic-looking and it kept calling my name as I walked by.
I snatched it up and drove the 500 miles home to put it in my kitchen's bay window. But right away I knew something had to be changed...the shiny, light-reflecting plastic pot.

I remembered seeing this post last year, and thinking how easy it would be to wrap something in jute...how it completely changes the look of whatever you wrap.

So...I decided to give it a try.

I bought some jute at Hobby Lobby and got out my trusty little glue gun and started wrapping...

...and 10 minutes later I have just the pot I was hoping for!

So easy.

Now I'm going to look around my house for something else to wrap in jute.
I'll keep you posted....


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Tanya said...

Super cute! The jute makes it look 100% cuter :)

Bella said...

The jute has completely transformed the look of the pot! Love it! And indeed it seems like a quick and easy project. Will definitely try this one!

Lyra at Ces't la Vie Events said...

Hi there! Your newest follower! I'm a big jute fan myself, very cute project! Please stop by my interior decorating and photography blog for a looksie.

Oh and PS I have 2 sisters, we are all very close, loving that you are doing this as a joint venture. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!:)

C'est La Vie

Brandy said...

That is darling! I think I may need to make a couple of pots like that!

I wish there was an Ikea closer than 3 hours to us out here in Ohio. I like that little plastic plant too....talk about low maintenance and it still looks real!


Jennifer said...

What a cool little fix for a plain pot! I have one of those from IKEA and just stuck it in a different container. I think I might try this! Thanks! stopping by from All Thingz Related.
Scissors & Spatulas

Krafty Kat said...

Looks so much better! Thanks for linking up!

Michelle Life Buy The Beach said...

I always what jute was for???

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