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May 17, 2011

{Front Room Improvements}

I thought I'd show you a few changes I've been making to my front room.

First of all, I replaced the curtains.

I was more than tired of the red regal tassled beauties (circa 2002), and searched patiently for something a little less attention-grabbing at a great price.
After a couple months, I found these new panels on clearance at curtainworks.com for a really great price...$20 for both with free shipping. I then found the rod on clearance at Jo-Ann for $10.
So for just $30 I transformed the room!
The height of the new panels really makes the room feel bigger and more to scale with the vaulted ceilings. I also love the slight lustrous finish and the dark green color.

Here is the rest of the room:

I moved the ironwork art from above the window to above the candle table/temple picture to give the display some much-needed height.

I've collected various candlestick holders from thrift stores and department store clearance aisles, in a variety of shapes and sizes, and I spray painted them all black.
I had to really use my imagination a few times to see the "potential" of them...

Case in point:

I know my decorating style includes a few quirky objects scattered around the house that people might think are ugly, but they just make me happy, so they stay...

Case in point:

This little teapot called out to me from a thrift-store shelf a couple years ago, and I've displayed it in a few different places. But it finally found its home when I "planted" a dollar store fern in it.
I don't know why I love it, I just do!


I also moved the trunks to that wall on the left (see this post).
See the cedar chest under the window?
It was my mom's "hope chest" and she brought it to me last time she visited.
I have big plans for it. But I'm not sure what they are yet!
I can't decide what color to paint it.
I've gone from black to white to grey to red.
Any suggestions? 

 I still see this room as a work in progress, but little by little it is turning into a room that I love.


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Sara said...

Looks GREAT! I love the curtains. I am impressed with all the changes you are making.

While They Snooze said...

My mom and dad have the same "hope chest" (which is what we always called it growing up). I think my mom got it for her wedding 30+ years ago. Was really weird to see it in someone else's living room! : )

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