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May 22, 2011

{A Bloggy Break....}

Please excuse our lack of posting lately.
has completely gotten in the way!


Kids.  The end of school.  Work and then more work.
You know..... the fun LIFE stuff.
Until things become a little more clear and well rounded for the both of us,
will be on a slight break!

Thank you to our always-loyal readers...we know you understand the reasons for this small interruption in crafty goodness!

We will return as soon as possible.


~ Tammy + Annie ~

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Tanya said...

Totally understand :) Can't wait for your return!!

Alia Dalwai said...


Im your follower!

I really really liked your blog!

Keep up the good work!

Do visit mine too at http://aliascreativelife.blogspot.com/


Denise said...

Miss you and your craftiness!! My kids go back to school in less than 3 weeks...hopefully I'll have time (& you too!) to get my craft back on!

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