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Apr 28, 2011

{Annie's ETSY Shop SALE!}

Or better known as:

"My Husband Lost His Job Over The Easter Holiday Weekend And We Would Really Like To Be Able To Pay Our Bills (and not eat Ramen Noodles everyday) This Month - SALE!"


Sad, but true.  It's happened to too many people lately and it's horrible each time, and now it has hit us as well.

But.... there's GOOD NEWS FOR YOU, my friends!

I'm having a FREE SHIPPING SALE in my personal Etsy shop!
And none of the prices were raised to fool you, either.  It's a genuine, honest-to-goodness free shipping SALE.
Some prices have even been reduced!
(free shipping is on all U.S. orders, but there is reduced International shipping as well!)

(SugarPlum mini hoop art)

Have you been wondering what to give your mom for Mother's Day?  Check out my shop!  You may just find an embroidery piece that would be perfect.
(Olive You felt+floss hoop art)

And, if you purchase this week, there's time to ship it to you before Mother's Day! (which is Sunday, May 8th)

(Weed Walker hoop art)
I would also be more than happy to gift wrap your item(s) and ship it wherever you would like it to go!  Just let me know in the "notes to seller" section when making your purchase.

Thank you for your support!


(Unfortunately, this free shipping sale does not include items in our PeppermintPlum Etsy shop at this time.  Only my personal crafty shop JammerSage)

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Jayna Rae said...

I would love to help out. I will stop on by.

Beth said...

Sadly, I was laid off 7 months ago and thus can't afford to buy anything, even with that awesome sale. However, I wish your hubby the best of luck in recovering and finding another position soon.

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