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Jan 5, 2011

{Printable Valentine Tags}

I found a scan of a vintage fabric or ribbon label and I thought if I doctored it up a bit it would make a perfect Valentine treat tag!  I removed the portrait from the middle and tinted the whole thing red.

It now reads "Happy Valentine's Day!" in the center.  I chose that direct, simple sentiment so that these tags can be used for boys or girls.

No more wondering if you accidentally gave the boy you like (or don't like) the one card in the stack that says "I Love You" or "Kiss Me" or "I choo-choo-choose you!"

A simple "Happy Valentine's Day!" works for everyone.

These tags can be printed any size you like.  I printed mine so they would fit perfectly on top of a conversation heart box (which I found in a 4-pack at the Dollar Tree... go stock up!)

They can also be stapled or tied to a glassine envelope (or a homemade version made with parchment paper).  I love candies in glassine bags... you can see the candy right inside!  So cute.

Here is the single-tag image that you can save to your computer and print/copy in any size you wish:

The following page has 6 tags, all ready to go.  You'll probably want to save this image to your computer and open it in the Paint program.  When adjusting the page set-up, choose no margin or a small margin around all sides, and fit it to the page.

If you use these tags for your Valentine projects, let us know! 
We'd love to see pictures of how your Valentine's turn out!



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Baezamama said...

very cute! thank you!

Erin said...

Very cute! Thank you so much!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you!

Paty said...

It's so lovely...
here, in Brazil, Valentine's day is june 12... but these tags are so gorgeous, any day of the year...

Angie (Freebie Addict) said...

Love your blog..And these are amazing. I just did a post about your Valentines Printables.

VICKI IN AZ said...

love these! your blog is precious. ♥

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