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Oct 13, 2011

{Magic PB Cookies}

One of my favorite freshman-year memories is coming home from a hard day of classes and finding my roomate, Saralyn, donning her apron. That meant cookies were coming our way! These were some of our favorites.

The best part about these cookies is that they only have
..get ready for it...


For reals.

They are also GLUTEN-FREE for all my GF friends out there.

{Magic PB Cookies}
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

18 Hershey's Kisses for tops

Preheat oven to 350. Combine sugar, peanut butter, and egg.  Shape into 1 inch balls and place on ungreased cookie sheet. {I usually use a small cookie dough scoop, which leaves them with a rougher texture but is much quicker!} Bake for 10 minutes.

While baking, unwrap 18 Hershey's Kisses and set aside. When you remove cookies from oven, immediately press a Kiss into the center of each warm cookie.

Wait about 10 minutes for the chocolate to melt, and then pop one of these babies into your mouth whole. I promise you won't regret it.



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SniderMom said...

Once again, I have been the lucky recipient of Tammy's cookies! They are yummy and very simple to make! My hubby even makes this recipe!

Tanya said...

Yum, and so easy! I'll have to give these a try :)

Ali Richardson said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! mmmmmmmmmm!!!! Gimme gimme :)

Judi said...

YUMM! Anything that has Tammy's touch (and approval) had Got to be GOOD!

Jenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenna said...

wow! I love these! totally going to make them soon. I love easy cookies for when you get cravings and have all the ingredients around the house.. perf!


Jen :)

Amy O said...

So fun to know who I'm reading about! Ok, these cookies saved us this weekend!! I glanced over this and made a mental note to remember this EASY recipe. Then we needed a fast treat to take somewhere and only had 1 egg in the house. Of course we didn't have kisses on hand, so we put some chocolate chips in the middle and they were still a hit. Awesome recipe! Love your blog.

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