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Nov 3, 2012

{Miniature Christmas Symbols Kit - Part 2}

Hi everyone!
We have come to realize that one of our very first posts here on Peppermint Plum, the {MINIATURE CHRISTMAS SYMBOLS KIT}, has hit it big on Pinterest (thanks!). The original printable we provided as an idea wasn't readable... which kind of defeats the purpose of it being a printable!  :)
We're taking care of that problem today with a brand new, easy to read printable:
This image has been created as a 4"x6" printable. If printed that size it will fit nicely into a regular sandwich-size plastic bag.  You can print it smaller, if you'd like, to fit a smaller plastic bag... but keep in mind it will be easier to read as a 4x6.
Simply right-click on the picture above, save it to your desktop, then print it however you'd like.
Then add it to your bag of miniature symbols!
As Tammy mentioned in the original post, she found all of these mini items at Hobby Lobby and Michael's craft stores.  To keep things in perspective, the candy cane above is only one inch tall!
We'll be adding this new printable to the old post as well, so if you have it pinned on Pinterest already, your link will still take you to the good printable.  But, feel free to pin this new one as well.  :)
-Annie + Tammy

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Maria Sself said...

Thank you for the amazing symbol reminders!

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