Dec 15, 2010

{Miniature Christmas Symbols Kit}

I will be teaching the children at my church about the symbols of Christmas on Sunday.
I want them to be able to have something to take home and share with their families, so (with my mom's help) I came up with this cute little kit for each family.

I found all these minis at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.

I typed up, printed, and laminated a small card that briefly tells
about what each Christmas symbol means and put it, along with the symbols, into a little ziploc baggie (also from Hobby Lobby).
Just to put these into perspective...that candy cane is an inch tall.

You could attach one of these tiny kits onto a plate of goodies and it would make a thoughtful gift for neighbors and friends!

*** EDITED TO ADD:  A better printable!



  1. oh wow this I am gonna save for next year!!! great idea... i did a book with a great story and these symbols last year at faith

  2. by the way can you please send me the discription, I can't read the words you used really good...
    with love Miranda

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to use it with Activity Days girls this week.